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You look in the mirror and what do you see?
You're too tall, too short, too fat, too thin,
Your mirror hangs on the wall,
Showing you what you look like.
Yet, you don't see what it shows.
You see the flaws.
There is always something wrong.
You're big footed, big eared, broad shouldered, big hipped,
You look away when you see your reflection.
You can't see anything good.
You're small chested, muffin topped, nappy headed, poorly dressed,
You look in the mirror and can't see what's on the inside.
You're sweet, giggly, funny, uplifting,
You think that what is looking back at you,
Is all there is to you.
You believe beauty is artificial
And you need to change yourself.
You're loyal, warmhearted, kind, loving,
You have to look past what people say
To be all that you can be.
Happy, confident, free, perfectly unique,
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 3 3
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I think I love you.
But how do I know if these feelings are true?
Is there one simple way to say
That I think of you each day?
My breath always seems to catch
When I think we're a perfect match.
Could you say the same thing?
Am I your queen and you're my king?
Would your face turn a different hue
If you said "I think I love you too"?
If we had the courage to say how we feel,
This situation could be more ideal.
I wouldn't have to wonder when I saw you,
If you had these feelings too.
Is there a point to my stomach turning in knots,
And my face becoming flushed and hot?
Can you tell my heart skips a beat
Every time we meet?
I can't help but look deeply into your eyes
And feel a love that brings surprise.
I no longer think of you as a friend.
This, I can no longer pretend.
My feelings have grown much deeper than that.
My heart has given you the "Welcome" mat.
And now there's only one thing you have to do.
And that's to say, "I think I love you too."
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 8 8
Give Me Your Hand
Give Me Your Hand
This is how it always ends;
He says "Let's just be friends".
I finally see my mistakes
That led to my heart breaks.
I wanted to move ahead
But "Stop" is what you said.
My heart is what you left me without
And now I'm bleeding out.
All I want to be is alone forever,
But you said "Never say never".
You look down at me from above
And make me feel the rhythm of love.
I try to keep those feelings scattered
So my heart doesn't remember why it shattered.
The pain still has me grieving
But I don't want to stop believing.
Even though my heart is below zero,
I'm still holding out for a hero.
For my heart to be improved,
I must find a man who can't be moved.
Who will help me fight my fears
For the next 100 years.
Who will go past start
So he can hold my heart.
Who's hands are steady and strong
And can help me move along.
He'll have to help me with this upward climb
When he decides it's time.
And none of this has to be grand.
All he has to say is "Give me your hand".
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 5 10
Haiku Battle
Haiku Battle
This is a haiku.
Syllables have a pattern.
It's five, seven, five.
Hm... five, seven, five.
Will I need each line to rhyme?
If so, should I start?
Rhymes are not needed.
It's all about the pattern.
You believe you'll win?
Yes, I do believe.
The young replaces the old.
Haikus aren't that hard.
I'll teach you something.
Haikus aren't to be played with.
They are an art form.
Eh. Art form, fart storm.
It is all the same to me.
It's nothing special.
Not so special, eh?
Then why waste your time with this?
The door is that way.
Getting smart, are we?
Are you trying to hide fear?
Afraid that I'll win?
Afraid? You're funny.
You do not scare me at all.
You just make me laugh.
I just make you laugh?
Is it funny that you're old,
Just like your haikus?
Was than an insult?
You don't have a better one?
That's just pathetic.
You're not much better.
Haikus don't even make sense.
I don't care about them.
That was six sweetheart.
It looks like you have just lost.
Experience won.
Now swallow
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 6 13
My Heart
My Heart
My heart is a frozen block of ice.
Surrounded by a downpour of rain
Since it didn't take my head's advice.
"Run." it said. But my heart still had reign.
I had trusted you with this big thing,
And you had treated it like nothing.
You don't understand how much this stings.
I can't believe you think I'm bluffing.
Now all I do is build up my wall.
My heart may just finally give out.
I had shown and given you my all.
But you cut me and let me bleed out.
I should've known this right from the start.
You were going to destroy my heart.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 10 9
Empty Without You
Empty Without You
This hollow, emptiness I feel inside
Came from what I no longer want to feel.
I had decided to no longer hide
What my heart had accepted to be real.
I fell head over heels in love with you.
I couldn't mask the feelings that had grown.
You made me believe fairy tales were true
When I thought I saw the same feelings shown.
But love enjoys seeing me deal with pain.
It loved how my heart sank when you said "No."
It loves to see me surrounded by rain.
It took away Juliet's Romeo.
Now this has left me with nothing but tears.
Now I have completely cried my heart out.
Now you have resounded all of my fears.
Now you are what I have to live without.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 8 8
A Thousand Tears
A Thousand Tears
Dear you,     You know exactly who you are.
You know, the one who choose to break my heart?
You played my heart like a guitar.
Then you watched as I slowly fell apart.
I never wanted these feelings to grow.
But I couldn't see past your sweet, blue eyes.
The ones I thought I saw emotion flow.
But what you had said, caught me by surprise.
You had told me, you just want to be friends.
This had pushed me into total silence.
This is where my love had started to end.
Now all I can think about is violence.
To this day, you have no clue how I feel.
You have taken all of my sanity.
I can't share my thoughts since they aren't ideal.
All I want to say is profanity.
You don't deserve to feel my bitter pain.
A heart break is no longer what I fear.
It's to be held down by this heavy chain.
The one that is made of a thousand tears.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 4 11
So much anger built up inside.
Feelings of betrayal burn up my heart.
But you don't even care.
You don't care that my heart aches
Every time I see you.
You don't care that I'm putting on a fake smile
Just to keep you happy.
You don't care that I sacrifice my own happiness
So you can remain in your ignorant bliss.
I live by one rule.
"Do onto others as you wish they'd do to you."
I don't wish for anyone to break my heart,
Watch all of the pieces fall to the floor,
And then burn them to ash.
Or to disregard my feelings
And throw them away like trash.
So I never do that to anyone else.
I don't play their heart for my own gain.
I don't end a friendship because of a little crush.
I don't back away because I'm afraid.
And leave the other person
Stunned and looking stupid.
I do my best to be kind,
And generous,
And thoughtful.
Or do I not do that?
Is there a time that I was so horrible
That I have all of this bad karma built up?
Is that why I hurt so much?
Or is it that no one cares
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 8 25
There are so many emotions flooding my mind.
They are slowing swallowing me alive.
Watching as I suffer,
As I struggle to survive.
I'm completely surrounded.
There's pain everywhere I look.
I can't find a way out.
My peace of mind is what they took.
These emotions won't let me forget
How many nights I cried,
With you on my mind.
No matter how hard I tried.
I'm told to forget the past.
Not to be bothered with it now.
Everything will be alright in the end.
But all I can ask is "How?"
How can I forget the past,
When I see it in my present?
How can everything be alright,
When my heart has such a large indent?
I can't begin to tell you how I feel
When I no longer know what to say.
You tell me to hold on.
But I don't think I'll last another day.
I've lost the will to keep going.
I don't know why I should stay.
I've been hurt too much before
To be cheery and gay.
I'm in over my head.
I hope I'll be remembered like the poet Browning,
Because there is no escape.
There's no way to stop
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 4 5
You Don't Know
You Don't Know
My eyes burn with the tears
I shed for you.
Yet you don't know.
You don't know how many nights
I cry myself to sleep.
You don't know of the pain
Hidden in my eyes.
You don't know of my broken heart.
How it's been beaten,
Torn apart,
And thrown away like garbage.
You don't know that my smile is fake.
You don't know it's there
To keep you happy.
You don't know I sacrifice my own happiness
For you.
The one who broke my heart.
You don't know the pain I feel everyday.
You don't know how much I suffer.
You don't know how trapped I feel.
You don't know how badly I want to escape.
Even if it's in the extremes.
You don't know how hard it is to live.
To continue what's called "life"
When all I feel inside is dead.
You don't know confused I am.
You don't know how alone I feel.
You don't know crying a river is possible
Until you know how it feels
To have your heart ripped out,
And watch it shatter
Into a million, little pieces.
You don't know this is how I truly feel.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 5 4
I'm so uninspired.
I want to write something
But what am I to write?
Haven't I said it all before?
My mind being riddled with anger and hate
Of the ones I used to hold so dear.
I've spoken of my depression.
Running so deep, I thought I'd never escape.
You know of my broken heart.
How it's been shattered
Again and again.
Now I'm afraid to love
And become angry when I do.
Do you recall how much I've foolishly
Continued to trust?
What about my happier times?
When I had felt I had finally escaped
The pit of my depression?
How liberated and happy I felt
To be myself again?
Or what about the time I was in love?
Oh what a sweet feeling it was...
It gave me so much more hope.
It made me feel alive again.
But you sadly know it didn't stay that way.
You know I was lost in confusion
And soon after that, heart break.
You've been here to listen
To my rants and cries.
The times I felt higher than high
And others when I felt lower than low.
You remain engaged in my words
While I sit alone
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 5 8
Seeing Red
Seeing Red
All I can see is red.
Not just the red seeping out of my skin,
But my red, hot anger.
I'm filled with such a wrath,
That it's taking over my life.
I can't walk around without becoming angry.
Without that monster trying to escape.
Nothing stops the pain.
I'm losing the strength to keep going.
To keep things under control.
Why can't I escape this?
Why does it always find it's way back?
I thought it was over.
I thought that rough patch was smoothed over.
But clearly I was wrong.
That the only thing that's clear.
All I know is anger.
All I feel is hate and jealousy.
All I see is red.
There's no bringing me back now.
This is my own fault.
I have to fix the wrong.
That's the only way to make things right.
I'm doing this for everyone else.
This will make their lives better.
And soon enough,
All they will be seeing
Is red.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 9 5
Deep In Thought
Deep In Thought
Everything is quiet now.
Silence fills the room.
This is how it was meant to be.
There was never a "You and Me".
You ask if everything's alright.
I tell you I'm just fine.
But really, I'm dying on the inside.
Moments before, I saw it coming.
We were done.
It was finished.
Stunned, but wanting to be kind,
I said I was perfectly fine.
But that simply isn't true.
"Fine" is not what really went through my mind.
Gradually, I became more and more apathetic.
Finally it had hit me.
There was no more hoping.
No more dreaming.
I had to accept the truth.
It sent me down,
But I kept my mouth shut.
No matter how many tears I shed,
I will sit in silence
And remain deep in thought.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 5 2
A- A heart is very fragile.
B- Be careful who you let near it.
C- Caged is my heart under
D- Downpours of frozen rain.
E- Effort is all for not.
F- Forget about "true love".
G- Gambling with it is very risky.
H- Hoping for the best will get you nowhere.
I- Insufferable is all it is.
J- Jealousy clouds your vision.
K- Kindness even hurts.
L- Love scars you
M- More than anything.
N- No one is worth that pain.
O- Open your heart and
P- Pain will soon make you
Q- Question all of your choices.
R- Reality finally hits you.
S- Seeing your stupidity
T- Tears you apart.
U- Unraveling at the seams,
V- Violence seems to be the only answer.
W- Woe is all that you feel.
X- X-ray my heart and
Y- You'll see many scars.
Z- Zip up your bags and don't look back.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 5 0
There's something I'm feeling.
I'm not quite sure what it is.
I hear time is supposed to be healing.
But all I can think about is...
What is it that I think about?
How my heart bleeds like it's been cut?
Or how much I want to scream and shout?
Can you see this?
Can you see the pain in my eyes?
Can you feel the loss of bliss
As my soul slowly dies?
Do you hear my silent screams
As I try to continue this upward climb?
I've lost all hope on my dreams.
It's time to end this silly rhyme.
My heart has finally bled out.
I can no longer ignore
What I cannot live without.
My feelings have been thrown to the floor,
And there is nothing I can do.
I don't think I can take another hit.
I can no longer stand up to you.
It's time for me to give up and quit.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 6 14
No matter how hard I try,
I can't run away from these feelings.
I can't cover them up,
Or say they're nonexistent.
You fill all of my thoughts.
You make my heart skip a beat.
I can't help but smile when I think of you.
Or when I think of us.
You holding me close and no longer joking,
Tells me all I need to know.
Your heart skipped a beat too.
You felt what I've been feeling all along.
But you let go.
You ran away from what you felt.
From what your heart told you.
But no matter how hard you try,
You can't run away from those feelings.
You can't cover them up,
Or say they're nonexistent,
Because when you held me close
And the joking stopped,
You could no longer lie
About the love I saw in your eyes.
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 13 12


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I'm obsessed with the group Bastille. You should totally listen to some of their songs. Anywho.... I'm bored out of my wits and I don't feel like doing any of the things I should be doing. :iconotlplz: That's procrastination for you.

Stolen from :iconal-fatman: (check out his work!)


1. What is your DeviantArt name and what does it mean?
~ Invictus47 - Invictus is my favorite poem and 47 is my favorite number. (My birthday is on the 4th and lucky number 7 got tacked on.)

2. Why did you join this site?
~ I wanted my work to be seen. Especially the book I'm working on.

3. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined?
~ HARRY POTTER. :iconharrypotterplz:

4. How many watchers are currently watching now?
~ 49

5. Your first gift ever was to?
~ On here? I haven't given any.

6. List five things you are a fan of?
~ 1. Food
   2. Sleeping/dreaming
   3. Reading/writing
   4. Listening to music/singing
   5. Photography


8. List four people you look up to the most?
~ My parents, my elementary art teacher Mr. Reeves, and my old history teacher Mr. O.

9. How many pets do you own?
~ Zero

10. Who is your most played character?
~ I guess it depends on the game and I haven't played any with character's recently.

11. What do you prefer, Red or black?
~ It depends on my mood but I would say red.

12. Name 3 aspects of your personality?
~ Funny, kindhearted, loyal.

13. If you could have a power what would it be?
~ The ability to either fly or control objects with my mind.

14. Who was the last person you talked to?
~ My mom.

15. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?
~ My grandma.

16. Write the first five things that pop into your head?
~ 1. Viva La Vida (I'm listening to it.) - Coldplay
   2. My crush. :3
   3. My closest friend.
   4. Homework.
   5. Christmas songs. :shrug:

17. What are the things you wish you could do better?
~ Draw, sing, focus.

18. Do you like who you are?
~ Um, for the most part. There are some things that could be better.

19. Summer or winter?
~ Winter.

20. Rain or sun?
~ Sun.

21. List 2 odd things about yourself?
~ 1. I talk to myself a lot.
   2. I can be OCDish about one thing but not about something that is similar to the first thing.

22. Pop or Hip hop?
~ Pop.

23. How many scars do you have?
~ :shrug: More than one?

24. Do you wear spiked wristbands, Collars & belts?
~ No, and probably never will.

25. Do you own anything from Hot Topic?
~ No.

25. Windows or Mac?
~ Windows. Macs scare me.
   (Two number 25s?!)

26. Nyc Trpp or Lip Service?
~ I have no clue what either one of those are. So....

27. What brand of stereo/Amp do you own?
~ ..........

28. Steak or Chicken?
~ Chicken.

29. Favorite Color(s)?
~ Yellow, purple, orange.

30. Anime or Manga?
~ Depends on my mood but probably manga.

31. Beer or wine?
~ I'm underage so I haven't tried either. I'm told beer isn't that good so wine.

32. Goth or Emo?
~ Neither.

33. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
~ Too many. 15 I think.

34. What is the most amount alcohol you ever drank in one day?
~ Read #31

35. Cold or Hot?
~ It depends on what it's referencing. But I'll go for hot.

36. Favorite pair of pants?
~ My black skinny jeans. They are sooooo comfy.

37. Do you like your user name?
~ Yes.

38. Have you tried any drugs?
~ No and don't plan on it.

39. If you have? what drugs?
~ Read above.

40. Do you have a myspace/Facebook page?
~ Facebook. (Don't ask for it, I'm afraid of stalkers and pedophiles. Sorry.)

41. Pizza or Kebabs?
~ I don't know what Kebabs are so pizza. :)

42. Are you are nice person?
~ Yes. I do my best to keep rude thoughts off my tongue.

43. How old are you?
~ 16

44. Spikes, studs or eyelets?
~ Do stud earrings count?

45. Do you like your music loud?
~ Not always.

46. Kind hearted?
~ Read #12

47. Holden or Ford?
~ Holden is a mystery to me so Ford.

48. Annoying?
~ I talk a lot. :iconblahblahblahplz:

49. Do you like PLZ accounts?
~ Um.... I use PLZ icons.....

50. Do you own a car or motor bike?
~ I don't even have my permit.

51. Do you like The Presets?
~ Never heard of it.

52. Do you keep secrets?
~ I can't be nice if I say everything on my mind.

53. Should they release Criminals from jail if they have killed someone?
~ No. They took someone's life so they shouldn't have any kind of life outside of prison.

54. Are you a liar?
~ Not when it comes to serious things. I jokingly lie.

55. Have you tried to kill your self before?
~ No.

56. Do you like your avatar?
~ Yeah.

57. Have you ever thought about killing someone?
~ Yes, but not that in depth.

58. KFC, Subway, Mcdonalds, Red Rooster or Burger King?
~ McDonalds.

59. Do you love your self?
~ Some days.

60. Do you cut your self?
~ No.

61. Do you get depressed?
~ Occasionally.

62. Do you have many friends in real life?
~ Yes.

63. Hardcore or Darkcore?
~ Is there a "Never heard of either" option?

64. Should stalkers get a second chance?
~ Eh.....

65. Imports or muscle cars?
~ I'm not sure what imports are. Muscle cars I guess.

66. Gay, Bi or Straight?
~ Straight.

67. Do you get enough money each week?
~ I don't have a job.

68. Fast or slow music?
~ Depends on my mood.

69. Do you like that number?
~ I don't have much of an opinion except when people make a big deal over it. It's just a number. Chill.

70. Do you use XD and LOL alot?
~ XD - relatively often
   LOL - rarely

71. Should police mind there own business?
~ It's there job to be in everyone's business. So there would be no point in the police force if they looked the other way....

72. Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
~ Maybe soon. :iconcuteloveplz: But I'm single now.

73. If so. Who?
~ His name is Mike.

74. What is your Favorite band(s)?
~ Right now is Bastille. It tends to change every so often.

75. Baggy or tight pants?
~ Tight. Unless it's on guys. That's weird.

76. How many T.Vs in your house?
~ 3

77. How many computers/Laptops in your house?
~ Read above.

78. LCD or Plasma?
~ Plasma I think.

79. Are you racist?
~ I joke around with my friends but no.

80. What time is it now?
~ 10:05pm

81. Should Subbys be free?
~ What is that?

82. Are you a slow, Medium or a fast typer?
~ Fast.

83. Do you like quizzes?
~ Sometimes.

84. Do you buy stuff from those cheap Chinese shops?
~ I've never been to one.

85. Do you own any wepons?
~ Do kitchen knives count?

86. If so. What?
~ Read above.

87. How many speakers do you own?
~ There's two with every computer and I'm not sure how many more are around the house.

88. Have you ever been stalked or followed?
~ By creeps online and by friends in real life.

89. Do you own a pair of boots?
~ Yes.

90. What is the best thing in the world to you?
~ Love even though it hurts the most.

91. What is your favorite Emoticon(s)?
~ Hm..... :3

92. Do you like pie?
~ Meh....

93. Have you ever stayed up longer then 24 Hours?
~ Probably.

94. Do you have any big brand name clothing?
~ Yes.

95. If so. what brands?
~ Um, Hollister, Aeropostle, Ambercrombie. (I don't think I spelled any of those correctly. But they were gifts so whatever. :grump:)

96. Can you handle the sound of loud cars or motorbikes?
~ They get annoying. (I live near a auto shop. :P)

97. Do you like kids?
~ Sometimes. They can be cute and fun but can get really annoying.

98. Sonic The HedgeHog Or Miles Tails Prower?
~ I'm not super familiar with Sonic but I have no clue who Miles is so Sonic the Hedgehog it is.

99. Eminem or 50 Cent?
~ I don't listen to either.

100. Money or love?
~ Love. Money can't make you happy the same way love can.

101. Are you random?
~ Yerparunzules.

102. Can you sleep thru loud music?
~ If I'm tired enough. And it depends on how loud and close it is to me if I'll wake up or not.

103. Do you like where you live?
~ There are pros and cons. But it is much better than my old neighborhood.

104. Taxi or bus?
~ A bus I guess.

105. What time is it now?
~ 10:19pm

106. What do you feel like doing at the moment?
~ Sleeping.

107. Do you go on YouTube alot?
~ Not any more. It is so slow on my computer. :I

108. Are you are member of any other site besides this one?
~ Yes.

109. If so. what ones?
~ I think I would miss most of them. 

110. Are you glad this quiz is finished?
~ Yes. I'm "Overjoyed" (It's a song by Bastille.)

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It depends on what Transformers you're talking about. I do like your drawings and I like the movies but I never watched the cartoons. I have nothing against them, I just never watched them. :shrug:
Jamocha101 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, ite.  I was just wondering.

But seriously you should get like really into Transformers.
Invictus47 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I had a feeling you would say that.
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Al-Fatman Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
And thank you for the favourite. ^.^
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